Skins Sexual Health have launched six new lubricants

Skins Sexual Health have launched a Sextet of high-quality, water-based and silicone-based lubricants designed specifically to enhance the pleasure and comfort of intimacy.

To date Skins have offered premium protection and male performance products so now the company is pleased, to add pleasure products to the brand in the shape of lubes. Condoms and lube sit hand in hand in terms of sexual health, so it was a natural progression for the brand.

The move to develop Skins lube has been driven by consumer demand. The condom consumers who love the Skins brand have been asking that they add lubricants to our range. Also, Creative Conception’s retail customers recognise lubricants are one of the key category growth areas within sexual health and wellness. With 90 percent of women who try a lubricant becoming regular users, introducing customers to the joys of lubricants reaps good rewards in terms of add on sales and, when it’s a quality lubricant, repeat business. In addition, customers often expect to buy condoms and lube from one brand. 

Skins lubes are incredibly long lasting to start with but in addition, when they do begin to dry, which they will as all water-based lubes do, a quick lick or spritz of water will reactivate them allowing users to enjoy natural feeling, silky smooth sex for longer. In addition, it works in tandem with the body’s own natural moisture again extending its longevity. The manufacturer wanted to find a succinct word to encapsulate this benefit so coined the term ReAquav8.

Creative Conceptions will be distributing Skins throughout Europe directly to retailers and web shops themselves. Each lubricant is available in a 4oz or 8oz bottle or a 5ml foil. The price per ml of Skins lube will probably be one of the most competitive amongst quality lubricants. They offer all their bricks and mortar stores free Skins free standing displays units. These contain the full range of condoms, rings and lubes and can be configured to suit the best sellers for each store. The company is also working on lube only POS and shelf talkers. For the web customers they will be providing a selection of videos detailing the lubes and their benefits.

Creative Conceptions new product development focus at this stage is on performance enhancing consumables for both men and women – products that enhance sexual wellness and confidence. They are excited to say they have lots more new product releases scheduled for later in 2020, including the introduction of some all natural, Delay products, some five years in the making and developed in conjunction with a Premature Ejaculation specialist.