Sliquid adds new lubricants to growing product range

Sliquid announced the release of two new lubricants, Sliquid Spark and Ride Booty Buzz, both of which are a stimulating version of their popular silicone lubricant blend.

Sliquid, which has been developing high-quality intimate products for 17 years, is expanding it’s silicone product offerings with Sliquid Spark. This new addition, which debuted at last month’s ANME Show, builds off the base formulation of their only pure silicone product, Sliquid Silver, and infuses it with food-grade menthol. This infusion provides a welcome cooling effect, upon application, that warms with friction. Much like Silver, Sliquid Spark offers the benefits of being ultra-slick, sheer, and long-lasting, with just the right amount of tingle to stimulate the users intimate areas.

When speaking of the two newest additions, Sliquid Founder and CEO, Dean Elliott, says, “We are fortunate to experience continuing growth year after year, including in our broad range of products. We have a loyal fanbase that swears by our premium silicone lubricant, however it’s the only product in the line that has never had a reinvention over the years. By adding food-grade menthol we are able to give our silicone-loving customers something new and exciting to try that offers the same functionality of our Silver formula, but with a exhilarating twist!”

Along with the highly-anticipated launch of Spark, Sliquid is also debuting a male-focused version of the product called Booty Buzz, exclusively packaged for the Ride Bodyworx collection. Ride Booty Buzz consists of the same high-performance blend of silicone and food-grade menthol as Spark, but is packaged in the sleek and modern, smokey black bottle with matte black label that is synonymous with Ride Lube. The word “booty” has been purposefully selected to head the title of the product in an attempt to appeal to the anal enthusiast in many male customers.

“The addition of a sensation lubricant to the Ride collection is extremely exciting,” says Erik Vasquez, Sliquid Marketing Director. “My partner and I were lucky enough to be product testers during the R&D phase of Booty Buzz. We wanted a good amount of sensation from the menthol, without it becoming overpowering or lasting too long once we were done. I am happy to tell you that Sliquid landed on just the right formula that delivers the perfect amount of tingle and stimulation to enhance any type of play session, from masturbation to intercourse.” He goes on to say, “Booty Buzz is my new goto for lubrication and I think it will be for a lot of other men out there as well.”

As with all Sliquid products, Spark and Booty Buzz are100% vegan and manufactured and bottled in the United States. Sliquid Spark is currently available in a 4.2 oz size, while Ride Booty Buzz offers a 4.2 oz and 8.5 oz option. All three SKUs are currently ready to ship from Sliquid, or your preferred distributor.