Three bottles of Smooth shaving cream

Sliquid releases vegan shave cream

Sliquid has released Smooth, an all-natural shave cream with a 100% vegan formulation. Free of lanolin, an animal byproduct most often found in both hair and skin-conditioning products, Sliquid Smooth maintains its nourishing texture with plant-based alternatives like shea butter and plant cellulose to give retailers the vegan-friendly skincare that many consumers demand.

Lanolin, found in most shave creams as a moisturizing agent, has been replaced by a combination of mango and shea butter with essential oils for good measure. Sliquid provides a 100% vegan option in the shave cream categories. This collection has three scents, each infused with essential oils as well as an unscented version. Sliquid Smooth is part of the Balance series of spa-inspired body care products packaged with bold colored labels accented with metallics that match the blends inside.

“Awareness of vegan-friendly ingredients has soared over the last few years, but many retailers and consumers aren’t aware that lanolin is the skin-conditioner of choice by many manufacturers of almost every other shave cream available,” Sliquid VP of Sales and Marketing Michelle Marcus said. “Lanolin is an animal by-product that has been known to irritate sensitive skin, so we set to work to create a naturally superior shave cream that maintains its lush, velvety texture with the addition of botanicals and plant-based ingredients. This offers our retailers and consumers piece of mind before purchasing, and helps maintain loyal long-term relationships with the Sliquid brand.”