Slube launches new water-based lubricant

Slube is proud to introduce a brand-new water-based lubricant to their range.Launching with two of their most popular versions of the Bath-Based Lube, Slube Lubricant is now available in Pure (unscented and no colour) and Strawberry Daiquiri (Strawberry Daiquiri scent and red colour). They have formulated Slube to be thick and non-sticky so that customers can enjoy the properties of their previous products but in a pre-mixed, easy to use form. The bottle design ties in with tbeir existing branding, so Slube Lubricant will sit perfectly alongside their other products and will be familiar to customers.  They wanted to offer a lubricant that was as thick as could possibly be but could also be used in a pump action bottle. The formula they settled on took a lot of research (and many hours of testing), but they are so proud of the end result. The condom-safe, premium formula is perfect for a workout in the bedroom and is easy to clean up once the fun is over. Slube Lubricant gives customers a whole new way to enjoy Slube. It’s not a replacement for the Bath-Based Lube, but more of an addition to it.