Smart vibrating Ring “ÖRing” expected to ship in December

California tech start-up Öivita is about to release ÖRing – a smart vibrating ring that aims to make sex better with the help of technology. ÖRing is ergonomically designed, waterproof, app supported, and comes with unlimited pattern sets. ÖRing comes with a CPU, the latest Bluetooth 4.1, and motion sensor. It also follows the universal Qi standard for wireless charging technology, making it compatible with Qi wireless charging pads. The product is made of medical grade silicone and comes in Burgundy Red, Midnight Blue, and Classic Black.

ÖRing also allows its users to track their love life. The app of ÖRing is programed with a patent-pending algorithm that analyses information in real time. According to the manufacturer, it is the first device to support Apple Watch and Apple HealthKit in the Sexual section, tracking fitness data such as calories burned, speed, and time – and if you’re the competitive type, you can even enter the challenges of the app to get real-time local and global rankings.

“We created ÖRing because we wanted to make a vibrating ring that wouldn’t just be easy and pleasurable to use, durable and powerful, but also come packed with high tech abilities to enhance your sexual intelligence – the result is ÖRing, and apart from being a superb vibrating ring, it’s a personal sex coach, and the perfect long-distance solution for lovers,” says co-founder Natalie Mitchell.

For the past two years, Öivita has been developing and testing multiple prototypes of ÖRing. The company is now ready for large-scale production. ÖRing is now available to pre-order exclusively through Indiegogo. The campaign was successfully funded in three days, and is featured in Indiegogo’s After Dark collection. Until November 21 2016, ÖRing can be pre-ordered exclusive to Indiegogo, with expected shipping in December.