Special edition womanizer W500 in a rose design now available

A new special edition “womanizer W500” in a rose design is now available. Just like all womanizer, it is uncomplicated and easy to use: because the sucking of the clitoris and the stimulation from precisely controlled pulsating pressure waves trigger the orgasm. Its microprocessor technology controls the suction pressure. A soft silicone cap (available in two different sizes) fits onto the clitoris, which is gently sucked by the attached stimulator. The clitoris is also stimulated without any contact, therefore avoiding over-stimulation, by precisely controlled pulsating pressure waves in eight intensity levels.

In addition to the rose design the womanizer is also available in five individual colour combinations, each with its own real Swarovski element. The womanizer W500 is quiet, even with its new intensity levels. The manufacturer suggests, that using a bit of water-based lubricant will help the womanizer, with its specific clitoris stimulation, “move” more easily meaning that women will experience more amazing and more intense orgasms.

More information at www.womanizer-wholesale.com.