Sportsheets announces the new additions to the best-selling Brat and Amor Collections from Sex & Mischief

Sportsheets announces the release of 10 new products within their award-winning Sex & Mischief brand. Falling into the best-selling new Amor and Brat Collections, the items will be the culmination of the ’30 under $30′ release campaign in celebration of Sportsheets’ 30th Anniversary.

The release adds new items to the existing Amor and Brat Collections consisting of 10 items developed to add to the widely adored theming and personality of each collection individually.

“Amor and Brat have been incredible and immediate successes within Sex & Mischief,” says Nathan Hammerle, Marketing Coordinator at Sportsheets. “Customers have been waiting patiently for us to expand these collections and with these additions, it will have been worth the wait!”

Brat will continue to explore the naughty attributes of bratty submissives everywhere with items developed to put them in their place. All 5 items will include the signature black and rose gold accents to accompany striking features that set it apart on the shelves. Consisting of a crop and locking cuffs, the Brat collection expands into new territory with added charmed nipple clamps that spell out ‘BRAT’, an all-new kit with a miniature crop, stitched ‘BRAT’ blindfold, and rope handcuffs. Taking cues from the successful Saffron Faux Fur Flogger, the addition of the all new Brat Faux Fur Flogger variation will bring stunning sensations to customers everywhere.

The additions being made to Amor will expand to include all new ways to explore every sensual moment between couples. Featuring designs meant to bring partners closer to one another and fall deeper in love with every alluring quality. Including an all new, custom designed collar and leash and handcuff designs along with a satin ball gag, jewel handled flogger and a uniquely developed multi-looped paddle, Amor will make any submissive subject see hearts in every tantalizing moment with their partner.

Since their launch, Sportsheets’ Amor and Brat collections have experienced tremendous success, resonating with both industry partners and end-users alike. These two unique product lines have not only received widespread acclaim for their innovative designs and exceptional quality but have also ignited a surge in demand that exceeded our initial expectations.

Kelly Sofferman, Commercial Director at Sportsheets, enthusiastically shared her thoughts on the overwhelming response these collections have received. She stated, “In November 2022, Amor quickly became the highest-grossing collection within Sex & Mischief, and now, our Brat collection, launched just six months later, is poised to surpass Amor’s success. We are elated by the incredible reception they have garnered within the industry. It stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to crafting outstanding products that cater to the diverse needs of our valued customers.”

The combined release will begin shipping in early November, just in time for the holidays.