Sportsheets inttroduces thirteen new products to the Saffron collection

Sportsheets is ending their year with a bang by adding thirteen all-new toys to one of their customers’ favorite collections, the Saffron collection. Designed to help customers find intimacy and the perfect pleasure-packed position, the newest additions to the Saffron collection unlock full-body submission and functional positioning options. “Over the years, our Saffron collection has gained notoriety from people like Melanie Rose and Doja Cat,” says Kelly Sofferman, Sr. Brand & Marketing Manager. “Our initial Saffron launch contained a lot of impact products and we wanted to build on a collection that is already so well loved and highly sought after.” With 22 products already existing in the line, Sportsheets is nearly doubling this impressive collection. Known for its rich saffron-red color, this collection has a luxurious look and feel with versatile products that play well together. “The design of this collection is meant to use your body to help restrain you and brings functional positioning options to your next scene,” says Emily Silva, Product Line Manager. “The latest release includes bondage staples made in the same style of the current Saffron products, but with new, innovative designs.”