Sportsheets releases LaCire

Sportsheets Summer 2021 new products release begins with the launch of its LaCire collection.

Customers are invited to celebrate the joy and sensuality of the human body with the new LaCire collection from Sportsheets, a line of beautifully crafted candles formed after the human body and made with a skin-soothing soy-paraffin wax blend that melts to the perfect tantalizing temperature for massage play. 

LaCire also includes three new massage drip candles made of body-safe paraffin wax, the same type used in skin-soothing salon treatments, designed to drizzle warm pleasure and enhance sensation play. The massage drip candles come in a set of three and are available in three tantalizing colors: violet, black, and white.

“We’re very excited for the release of LaCire, the first Sportsheets foray into the sensual massage candle market,” said Sportsheets B2B Sales Manager Julia Harney. “Between the body shaped torso models and the pillar drip candles, the feedback has already been amazing. We can’t wait for our partners to get their hands on them!”

The new LaCire collection from Sportsheets is part of the company’s Summer 2021 new product release which will be available for pre-order beginning June 5.

“Pairing sensual massage candles with our tried-and-true couple’s items was a natural evolution for Sportsheets,” said Sportsheets CEO Julie Stewart. “We are thrilled to launch LaCire and other new products just in time to help boost summer sales — and as always we welcome feedback from our retail partners.”

Sportsheets will unveil further additions to its Summer 2021 release in the weeks ahead.