With three different STEAMY SHADES SETS ST RUBBER delivers an all-inclusive package for first time soft BDSM users. Whether as a gift, a subtle hint or as a collectively planned trip into unknown zones of lust: the STEAMY SHADES SETS contain everything needed for an excitingly different amorous play.

  • The STEAMY SHADES BONDAGE SET contains a face mask, cuffs, necklace with chain and nipple clamps, whip, tickler and a velvet bondage rope.
  • The STEAMY SHADES POSITIONING SET consists of a face mask, a bed bondage system with satin ropes, cuffs and inflatable positioning cushion, enabling a variety of positions with soft to medium BDSM. In addition there are cuffs with door links for vertical play at the door.
  • The STEAMY SHADES BINDING Set consists of a face mask, four cuffs, a bed bondage system, door link, hog tie link, tickler and a velvet bondage rope.