Starter Kits and videos for the latest Dream Toys collections

The latest Dream Toys collections Prestige, Elite and Aquatic have been added by Tonga this summer, after the success of the 2019 Dream Toys collections. These previous ranges were the Goddess Collection, the Midnight Magic range, the Blue Evolution, the Red Revolution and the Royal Fantasies toys. They are still available and were introduced with Starter Kits for retail shops.

The Starter Kits contain two of each product from the range, some testers, sell sheets and multifunctional slat wall toy stands. A Starter Kit is a great value for money deal, enabling shops to display the new toys in a truly attractive way to the customers, to try out presentation and to drive sales at low cost. With the POS materials and the sell sheets Tonga provides stores with all the tools to present and promote the new toy ranges.

Prestige – The Prestige collection consists of a vibrator, a duo vibrator, a wand and a stimulator that will attract customers with their stylish appearance of black silicone with a gem as a button. The strass around the buttons adds bling and luxury to the high quality toys that have strong motors and seven vibration patterns in three speeds. Their packaging shows a marble background and gold print, in line with the classy looks of the toys.

Elite – The Elite collection is made of high grade soft black silicone and has subtle gold coloured accents giving the toys a sophisticated look. This collection features seven toys: the Amélie duo vibrator, the Josephine vibrator, the Céline wand, the versatile Renée stimulator, the Vivienne panty stimulator, the Juliëtte G-spot vibrator and last but not least the vibrating penis and scrotum ring with a gold coloured vibrating bullet called Joël. 

Aquatic – The Aquatic toy range is made in aqua blue silicone. This collection includes four toys: a stimulator, a lay-on vibrator, a vibrating ring and a vibrator, equipped with stylish rose gold coloured buttons and matching packaging with rose gold print. All four Aquatic toys are powered by strong motors that drive multiple vibration patterns and speeds. They are fully waterproof and conveniently USB-rechargeable. In the Aquatic range pleasure embodies beauty and luxury and the distinct colour and style will attract attention in any shop.

Promo video – In order to promote the new toy collections even better, Tonga created a promo video for each of the three ranges. They are available on Youtube, and downloadable as MP4 files on Tonga’s customer-FTP, just like the product images, so retailers can use them to bring the new Dream Toys to the attention of their customers. These promo videos show the complete range in a matching setting to give a general impression, without any technical details. 

Product video – For each of the new toys there’s a product video available, which can be found on Youtube and at the FTP for customers as well. The product videos feature one toy per video and provide some technical info about the materials and functions. Even more details can be found at the product pages at the Tonga website, where the Youtube can be found as well, and where the sell sheet can be downloaded. Because the promo and product videos are downloadable it is possible to use the videos on websites, to post them on social media and to play them at a screen in retail shops, as an extra eye catcher.

Additions – In the same week that the Prestige, Elite and Aquatic products were released, Tonga also added new toys to two existing ranges. In the popular Goddess Collection Tonga added 2 new toys, one of them a versatile vibrator with rotating beads that is suitable for vaginal, anal and clitoral use, the other one a vibrator with a pulsating waves function. In the Royal Fantasies collection the new toys are a wand stimulator and a vibrator with an illumination and warming function.

Future Dream Toys – Currently two new Dream Toys ranges are being designed and manufactured, so keep an eye on Tonga and be informed as soon as they are available! They will have exciting colours with matching packaging and their own distinct styles.