Stimul8 introduces the new S8 Extreme collection

The new S8 Extreme collection from Stimul8 is made to enhance intimacy and provide unparalleled pleasure, the lubricants offer an extraordinary experience unlike any other.

The S8 EXTREME collection boasts a unique formula that relaxes, delays, and desensitizes, ensuring pain-free penetration and extended enjoyment. Condom compatibility and long-lasting properties further contribute to the heightened experience, while being oil and fat free eliminates concerns about any mess or stains.

Available in Water-based, Silicone, and Hybrid variants, the S8 EXTREME collection caters to individual preferences. The Water-based option offers a lightweight and easy-to-clean formula, while the Silicone-based variant provides an long-lasting smooth texture. For the best of both worlds, the Hybrid lubricant combines the advantages of both water and silicone-based formulas

The collection is now available at SCALA.