Suck-O-Mat 2.0 now available at ORION Wholesale

The prototype was one of the highlights at the ORION Wholesale trade fair stand at last year’s eroFame – and it’s now finally available: the Suck-O-Mat 2.0. The systematic further development of the successful masturbator Suck-O-Mat also stands out with its hands-free blowjob technology that is now even more precise, powerful and quieter thanks to the piston drive. This innovative toy has already received the ean Erotix Award for “Best New Male Product” at this year’s eroFame.

The male toy par excellence was developed by the product managers at ORION and a German inventor. The predecessors of the Suck-O-Mat have already let a man’s heart beat faster – not just because of their design and technology, but most importantly because of their incredible blowjob skills. There is now a more powerful model available: the Suck-O-Mat 2.0 that is sporty and elegant designed like a cockpit with LED speedometer display. It is mains-powered and includes a car adapter and a remote control with 3 meters of range.

The new model is 100% more powerful than its predecessor and the motor, with a power of 60 W, now offers up to 200 suction impulses per minute. The Suck-O-Mat 2.0 also stands out because of its extremely realistic and one-of-a-kind blowjob simulation. It can be enjoyed hands-free and – similar to a car – in 8 +1 different gears:

Gear 1: manually operated suction mode in 6 speeds.
Gear 2-9: 8 fully-automatic suction modes with unpredictable interval patterns for a completely random and realistic blowjob feeling. The user can interfere with the preset patterns at any time to adjust the speed individually. This comes in handy when one wants to orgasm quickly or delay the climax a bit to enjoy the sensation even longer. The Suck-O-Mat 2.0 then automatically changes to the first (manual) gear and keeps the desired speed until the happy ending.

The sleeve has also been optimised for the Suck-O-Mat 2.0: It now has stimulating nubs on the inside and can be combined with the included Tight Fit cover to increase the grip around the penis and to let the stimulation reach new heights.

The handling is extremely easy and user-friendly: All someone needs to do is to apply plenty of water-based lubricant and then insert the penis halfway into the soft, flexible sleeve of the mains-powered masturbator. They can set the intensity and speed, and then relax and enjoy! Perfect for hands-free pleasure! Powerful pump/suction impulses make the soft, flexible silicone sleeve move up and down the penis in an automatic, rhythmic way and can, if desired, also be intensified with the additional black silicone cover.

The Suck-O-Mat 2.0 is delivered in a high-quality, black cardboard box in carbon look. The box also has a promotional sleeve around it and there is a description of the product in various languages on the sleeve as well.

The first, a bit cheaper, models of the Suck-O-Mat and Suck-O-Mat Remote Controlled are also still available from ORION Wholesale.

There is also a retail kit available for the Suck-O-Mat to guarantee a perfect presentation at the point of sale. It includes a high-quality display with a tester, 25 flyers and fact sheets in German and English as well as post card motives with slogans and product descriptions.