Super Stroker fun with TOYJOY Manpower at Scala Playhouse

The Super Stroker Mix Pack by TOYJOY Manpower is back in stock at Scala Playhouse! The Super Stroker Mix Pack offers 6 times the intimate fun, for the price of 1: as this great-value set includes 6 differently textured, re-usable strokers.
The Super Stroker Mix Pack by TOYJOY Manpower is a great value set of amazing strokers, designed for his ultimate pleasure. The playful pack includes 6 different strokers, each with its own unique inner texture: Wave, Bumb, Web, Spiral, Turbo and Twister. The strokers are made of quality TPE and can be rinsed and re-used, meaning they can be enjoyed over and over again. Each individual stroker also includes a sachet of TOYJOY water based lubricant to add a sensational slippery dimension to
What makes the Super Stroker Mix Pack even more alluring for retailers is that the strokers can be sold as a set (the six-pack) or individually, as each stroker in the pack contains a unique barcode: making them instantly suited as profitable up-sell items.