Svakom releases KERI

KERI is a well contoured clitoral vibrator with a powerful single motor for an excellent stimulation. KERI’ s body is made of body-safe silicone which is smooth and soft. The contours invite to use KERI external and internal. For the external stimulation KERI can be directly used on private parts, clitoral or on mons veneris up to the belly button. The single motor is really powerful so KERI vibrates in all parts of the body for a sensuous experience. KERI can be used also internal to stimulate the G-spot. KERI vibrates in 5 modes and 5 levels of intensities.
The charging time of KERI is really short; she needs a single charge of one hour. KERI is waterproof. That means she is comfortable in use and cleaning. KERI is available in pale pink and violet.