Ball Strecher

Tantus introduces the new Ball Stretcher Kits

Tantus introduces new Ball Stretchers to the market. These Super Soft silicone stretchers offer new sensations to masturbation and sex. They are made for comfort and fit snugly holding down the testicles for longer, harder erections.

This kit contains two different length stretchers, and for more extreme play the user can stack them one above the other. The smaller Ball Stretcher has a width of 0.73″ / 1.85 cm. The larger Ball Stretcher has a width of 1.23″ / 3.12 cm. Both have an inner diameter of 1.5″ / 3.8 cm. The Ball Stretchers are available in red and black.

“Ball Stretchers are an amazing addition to any couples toybox.” said Metis Black, President of Tantus. “Made of the same silicone as our Super Soft C-Rings, these stretchers are the next step for an adventurous toy player. They are safe and easy to use and they create a totally different sensation”