TENGA announces new U.S. and SD Cups

TENGA Co., Ltd. has announced two additions to their popular TENGA CUP Series, with the renewal of their U.S. TENGA CUP series and the launch of the brand new SD TENGA CUP series. The CUP Series are popular for their array of different styles and sensations. These new additions will join the Standard, Strong and Gentle varieties of the Original Vacuum CUP, providing size and strength variations with the ultra-sized U.S. TENGA and shallow-depth SD TENGA.
The larger sized U.S. CUP Series is 1.2 times larger than the standard edition and accommodates those of larger size, but also provides much stronger vacuum suction for users of any size to enjoy. The standard strength U.S. TENGA Original Vacuum CUP now has updated internal details, alongside new Strong and Gentle varieties, giving users the choice of their desired stimulation strength.
The SD TENGA CUPs are made so the user can hit the end to enjoy stimulation from shallow, fast strokes, featuring big, bulb-shaped internal details at the tip of the item for direct stimulation when the user hits the end of the item. The SD TENGA will be available from launch in three stimulation strengths of standard (red), strong (black) and gentle (white).
TENGA’s iconic CUP Series were renewed globally in 2021, with engineering advancements for even more intricate detailing of the internal sleeves. The U.S. and SD TENGA CUPs have been launched globally as part of this ongoing renewal of the TENGA CUP Series, which continue to be the TENGA’s best-selling series in units sold. Available in Europe from April 2022.