TENGA has announced four big launches for the European market for winter 2022

TENGA is launching new items in Winter 2022

TENGA Bobble – A reusable lower-to-mid-range item featuring brand new Dual-Intensity Weld-Insert Molding technology.

TENGA FLEX Bubbly Blue & Fizzy Green – Adding to TENGA’s popular ‘spiraling suction’ reusable item series, the TENGA FLEX has two new items featuring internal details made with updated molding improvements.

TENGA Vacuum Gyro Roller (VGR) & ROLLING TENGA CUPs – The TENGA VGR is an attachment for the CUP Series items that provides electronic suction with automatic suction patterns, along with spinning sensations powered by a gyroscopic sensor built inside, along with programmed automatic rotation modes! Compatible with TENGA’s disposable Original Vacuum CUP style items along with a brand new ROLLING TENGA CUP series made exclusively for use with this attachment.

TENGA FLIP ZERO EVR (Electronic VibRotation) – The latest addition to the TENGA lineup is TENGA’s most stimulating product yet, with an attachment unit compatible with all FLIP ZERO Series items that provides spinning sensations on top of the FLIP ZERO’s great internal details, and additionally control the vibrations of all FLIP ZERO EV vibrating items in the series. Not only that, but the item also includes a FLIP ZERO EV designed especially for the attachment for a package deal for the user.