TENGA introduces the new FLIP 0 (ZERO) RED and FLIP WARMER Set

Pleasure Item brand TENGA announces an addition to its TENGA FLIP 0 (ZERO) product line-up: The TENGA FLIP 0 (ZERO) RED and FLIP WARMER Set.

The FLIP WARMER is a heating device designed specifically for the FLIP series. It uses the thermal conductivity of aluminium to thoroughly warm the entire item, and is operated by a single touch button to turn the item ON/OFF and to adjust the warmth.

The FLIP ZERO RED features a soft gel with dense details that are arranged to accentuate the heating sensations and the vacuum strength.
The product is fully washable, reusable, and includes a stand and a cover for easy washing, drying and storage.

Available in Europe from May 2021. Recommended retail price: 260 EUR (set price)