TENGA’s CUP series introduces strongest and gentlest variations

Pleasure item brand TENGA has announced the XTR CUP Series, featuring the Original Vacuum CUP EXTRA STRONG and Original Vacuum CUP EXTRA GENTLE variations to its best-selling flagship product, the TENGA CUP Series.

The items will mark the series’ most strong and most gentle options for stimulation, ensuring TENGA’s commitment to providing an even wider array of pleasure and satisfaction to an evolving, sophisticated consumer market. The two items will also round out the renewal of the TENGA CUP Series that began with the renewal of the series for the brand’s 15th Anniversary in 2020, For those who would like to level up their GENTLE & STRONG experience to an extra step beyond, the new additions to the TENGA CUP Series will satisfy even the most experienced connoisseur.

TENGA ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP EXTRA GENTLE – ‘XTR GENTLE’: The fine details and smooth nubs designed into the soft material provide an exquisitely gentle wrapping stimulation. This is the TENGA CUP Series’ most indulgent sensation yet

TENGA ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP EXTRA STRONG – ‘XTR STRONG’: An extreme constriction, with a radical internal design that twists and turns, provides an extraordinary gripping sensation. This is the TENGA CUP Series’ most powerful stimulation yet

Available in Europe from mid-September 2022.