„Let out your inner ape!“ – With this cheeky slogan THE CRAZYMONKEY CONDOMS call for safer sex! ST RUBBER has not only been convinced by this ironic but easy going slogan, but also by the high quality of the products. THE CRAZY MONKEYS are available in their online shop.

Now you will be able to let out your inner ape in various different ways!

BANANA! And FRESH MINT! will make your love sessions colourful and fruity-fresh with their banana and mint aroma and the yellow or green colour. Every packet contains 12 cylindrical condoms with lubricant.

FUN+FRICTION! offers an extra portion of fun with ribbed and nubby condoms in a contoured form. The packet contains 12 transparent condoms with lubricant.

When it comes to X-LARGE, it is all in the name! The packet contains 12 cylindrical smooth condoms with an extra large width of 56 mm: 4 red, 4 black and 4 transparent, with lubricant.

The CRAZY COLLECTION is not supposed to be collected, but to be used up! It coms in two sizes: 50 condoms (15 green/mint aroma, 15 yellow/banana aroma, 20 transparent/ribbed and nobby) or a 100 condoms ( 30 green/mint aroma, 30 yellow/banana aroma, 40 transparent/ribbed and nobby) box. Naturally, all THE CRAZY MONKEY CONDOMS are electronically tested.