The Doxy 3 USB-C is shipping worldwide now

The future of pleasure technology has arrived, and it’s the Doxy 3 USB-C Wand. This innovation, now shipping globally, marks a monumental step in meeting the desires of a new generation of pleasure seekers, the Gen-Z. The Doxy 3 USB-C is the world’s first USB-C powered personal massager that brings affordable power to a new audience.

Doxy 3 USB-C: Power, Pleasure, and Affordability Unleashed

The Doxy 3 USB-C Wand is a celebration of design, functionality, and affordability, perfectly tailored for the Gen-Z audience. With an impressive 3m /10 ft cable length, this device offers a level of convenience never experienced before. Drawing inspiration from Doxy’s beloved Die Cast 3 model, it delivers the same deep, powerful, and rumbly vibrations but at a lower price point.

This compact marvel is crafted from ABS plastic, ensuring durability, lightweight portability, and an elegant aesthetic. It delivers a truly unbeatable value for the discerning consumer, offering incredible pleasure without breaking the bank.

“We are absolutely thrilled to finally bring the Doxy 3 USB-C to our customers. The strong pre-orders worldwide have proven that the Gen-Z audience is ready for a new level of pleasure technology. It couldn’t have come at a better time with consumers seeking cost-effective solutions for their holiday shopping. We’re excited to see retailers embrace this revolutionary product,“ Leigh Dedhar, Sales & Marketing Director at Doxy, says.

Doxy 3 USB-C: Redefining Pleasure and Power

What sets the Doxy 3 USB-C apart is its world-first USB-C power source. With this game-changing feature, consumers can experience deep, rumbly vibrations that will leave them breathless. In addition to its power, this wand offers convenience, versatility, and global freedom.

The Doxy 3 USB-C wand offers intense pleasure through an impressive variety of features. It boasts continuous power and is easily adjustable for the perfect intensity. Additionally, the Pulse mode adds an extra thrill with a simple three-second hold of the power button.

Crafted for your comfort, the head is constructed from body-safe silicone, offering a soft and velvety touch against the skin. The smaller head design is less intimidating for wand novices and perfect for introducing it to a partner. It allows pinpoint targeting of those hard-to-reach places, all while being detachable for easy cleaning, ensuring hygiene and lasting performance.

Available in two popular colour choices, turquoise and matte black, the Doxy 3 USB-C lets you express your personal style. It brings unmatched power and pleasure in a sleek, compact design that sets new standards in its price range

Andrew Critchon, Managing Director & Co-Founder at Doxy: “It’s the Perfect Time for Pleasure and SavingsThe release of the Doxy 3 USB-C comes at a perfect moment. As the holiday season approaches, consumers are more conscious about their spending than ever before. This groundbreaking device answers the need for both power and quality at an affordable price.”