The Girl Next Door

New girls in the hood! The Dream Toys range ‘The Girl Next Door’ will soon be extended with new strokers. The new girls are called Anna, Tina, Alicia and Brianna

Brianna and Alicia

Brianna and Alicia bring you a pocket pussy with super soft and realistic texture inside for exciting sensations. They’re made of long lasting, real-feel TPE. Brianna and Alicia both have a stretchable vagina and an open ended love tunnel to accommodate all penis lengths and for easy cleaning. The length of these strokers is 10,5 cm at a width of 5,2 cm.


Anna brings a body stroker with realistic and soft texture inside and 2 penetration options. Anna has a stretchable vagina and anus, with an open end. The dimensions of this stroker are 20×20 cm.


Tina offers a set of 3 masturbators: pussy, anus and mouth, so users will have 3 penetration options. Each stroker is stretchable and made of TPE. Dimensions are the same as the Alicia and Brianna strokers.

The Girl Next Door

With the new strokers in this collection the neighbourhood became more colourful and varied and now offers more options for you customers. The theme of the collection is based on the idea of an attractive girl living next door that triggers men’s erotic fantasies. The imagination as a drive for masturbation with a stroker from The Girl Next Door.

Girls who were already living next door are Tori, Sophia, Megan, Scarlett, Riley, Lucy, Bella, Layla, Stacey, Olivia, Tracey and Lisa. There are body shaped strokers with an open end, flashlight type of masturbators with a soft and stretchable vagina entry in a sturdy can with a cap, a double-ended masturbator in a can with 2 removable caps offering vagina and anus entries and suction variation through the caps, open ended masturbators with a vagina or anus shape that come in an ABS cup with a cap for suction variation, and pocket sized TPE masturbators without a cup, that are lifelike to the touch and squeezable. Some have a single love tunnel, some have a double entry, and some come with an extra single-speed vibrating bullet.


Each Girl Next Door product shows a different girl on the packaging. Beautiful sexy young women who each can be a man’s secret fantasy. The type of stroker is shown on the packaging as well, except for the Bella and Layla strokers that are plastic wrapped cans without a box.

The Girl Next Door collection is available at Tonga.