The JBoa by Velv’Or is back with a variety of designs

Velv’Or announces that their iconic JBoa is back and this time in a strong variety of designs. Over the years Velv’Or sold thousands of their minimalistic lasso and during the absence of the JBoa numerous consumers, retailers and distributors kept asking for them. Jelle Plantenga the founder of Velv’Or is very convinced that the five new designs will attract new Velv’Or fans from all over the globe. The five designs all have their unique characteristics and are created to match the atmosphere of the moment. 

From reactions over the years Velv’Or learned that their JBoa was not just a companion of him but also of her. Velv’Or is convinced that this will again be the case with their new JBoas.

For these new designs Velv’Or developed a stylish storage box as well as a minimalistic carry along sleeve; the JBoa can again be on the bedside table in its box or in its sleeve ready to get in action when required.

The JBoa is on its best when constricting the base of the penis as close to the body as possible. Jelle advices all constricted erect men to push the JBoa with their two thumps towards their body. By doing this the JBoa will slide as far down the base of the penis as possible resulting in an even harder erection and very powerful ejaculations.

For the online sales of the JBoas Velv’Or created stunning images. Jelle is firmly convinced that these new 5 styles will jump of the shelves and screens.

For all retailers that are directly interested in stocking the new JBoas please head over to All distributors can email Jelle at