‘The Lovers’ series of erotic games introduces another revolution in passionate gameplay

The creators of ‘The Lovers’ announced a new version of the game ‘The Lovers Stories – Romantic’ level, before Valentine’s Day. The second ‘Hardcore’ level will be released in 2024. ‘Stories’ is a new release of ‘The Lovers’ game series, where partners take on different roles that they have to play with each other. Eroticism, passion, perversion and surprise are the basic assumptions of ‘The Lovers’ series, also in the ‘Stories’ version.

‘Stories’ is the next version of the series. This time, the partners play the characters of erotic stories. Each presented description consists of a pair of scenarios surprising with an original plot, spice and perversion. As in other parts of the series, the basis of the game is not knowing your partner’s cards, thanks to which ‘The Lovers Stories’ masterfully builds tension. In January 2024, a new version of the game is released at the ‘Romantic’ level, intended for every couple who wants to diversify their erotic life. In 2024, the premiere of the ‘Hardcore’ level will take place for lovers of stronger experiences, including BDSM.

Last year, ‘The Lovers’ was translated into another language, so it is currently available in three language versions: Polish, English and French, which allows it to reach interested audiences from all over the world.

‘The Lovers’ is a unique series of card games whose rules make it not a one-night stand, but erotic entertainment that will last for many weeks or even months. The series was created especially for couples who want to diversify their sex life, add more spice to it and discover new preferences. Unlike other games available on the market, ‘The Lovers’ more boldly exposes the BDSM theme while maintaining aesthetics and quality of workmanship. The basic version of the game is available in the form of two decks of cards with original illustrations, and the whole thing is hidden in an elegant box. It is also possible to purchase extras for the game that diversify the basic version or can be played separately. ‘The Lovers’ is one of the few games in the erotic games segment that offers premium product quality and user experience.