The new collection from ABIERTA FINA lingerie is now available

The new collection from the lingerie label ABIERTA FINA by Cottelli Collection is now available at ORION Wholesale. The lingerie ABIERTA FINA by Cottelli Collection, which features revealing designs, is designed exclusively at ORION´s headquarters. “The chosen, high-quality fabric combines extravagance with a comfortable feeling. The stunning luxury lingerie, which has been made with a lot of attention to detail, provides the perfect opportunity for women, who like to show off their bodies in a sexy and stylish way, to experiment with their gorgeous assets,” the company describes the lingerie line. The packaging has an additional decorative sleeve that is made out of firm cardboard.

For orders and further information please contact: ORION Wholesale, Mr Hauke Christiansen, phone 0049-461-5040 210, fax 0049-461-5040 244, e-mail: