The new TENGA FLIP ORB is available now

ENGA has upgraded its original FLIP ORB with the FLIP ORB OCEAN BLUE and SUNSET ORANGE, which have improved on the internal design of the original series. The new FLIP ORB Series’ soft elastomer is even thicker, with new positions of the firm orbs to provide smoother entry and enhance the gentle sensations as you pass through, finishing by an incredible stimulation when you reach the end.

Each FLIP ORB contains unique internal details, to maximise the pleasure and provide sensations that enhance the rippling stimulation of the orbs. Users can squeeze the pressure pads on each side to control the sensation and strengthen the suction! The internal pressure, textured details, and flexible orbs combine to create a sensational experience. Furthermore, TENGA’s popular FLIP-Open design means the FLIP ORB Series is easy to clean for hygienic use time and time again.

The New FLIP ORBs come in two types. Each with a unique experience: Users can enjoy the refreshing waves of the FLIP ORB OCEAN BLUE. Inspired by the sensational blue waves of the ocean, the inside is covered in supple wavy ribs to provide delectable and intertwining sensations Alternatively, users can experience the bursting sensations of the FLIP ORB SUNSET ORANGE. Inspired by the breathtaking sunset over the sea, the internal details of spiralling edges provide enticing bursts of sensation that will take your breath away.

Eddie Marklew, Global Marketing Manager at TENGA says: “The FLIP ORB Series offers new types of sensations from the firm orbs in the new thicker elastomer, allowing you to more fully experience the layers of stimulation provided. Keeping what made the original FLIP ORB great, we have enhanced the depth of the contrasting sensations, and made it easier and smoother to insert and use. As with all our products in the FLIP Series, it flips open for easy lubrication and washing, and its hourglass shape makes it a perfect fit in the user’s hand, giving more control over the internal pressure and the sensations of the inner details.”