The Perfect Fit Brand Perfect Fit Male Masturbator

Perfect Fit Brand is back with their latest gift to men, The Perfect Fit Male Masturbator. “We named it so because we feel that this innovative new toy truly does fit perfectly,” says inventor and Perfect Fit Brand CEO, Steve Callow. “This unique masturbator features our proven ribs and nubs design from our Fat Boy line but with a larger opening and thicker wall construction to provide a wonderful feeling of ‘tightness’ without needing to be squeezed with your hand.”
There are two models, one with ‘with grips’ (handles) and one without, both made from Perfect Fit Brand’s proprietary, super silky feeling SilaSkin. The model ‘with grips’ is a fat round cylinder that has been molded to include handles on both sides of the toy to insure a controlled grip—perfect for times when the lube gets on the outside of the toy.The model without handles is an octagonally shaped cylinder.
The Perfect Fit Male Masturbators are very cool looking! Both are textured with a graphic chevron pattern to allow for a better grip; giant chevrons on the round handled version, smaller chevrons on each of the eight sides of the octagonal version.