The renewed 2Seduce collection for more seduction

The 2Seduce collection by Cobeco Pharma has been renewed – the formulas have been renewed, the packaging is restyled and now all bottles have a great new dispenser on them.

Seduction is part of creating a desire for each other. It is the enticement of a person to sexual intercourse. For some it is an easy task, but for others it can be a challenge. Insecurities about their appearance are one of the reasons many women hold back and refrain from seducing their partner like how they want to. Even when they try and succeed, insecure thoughts about their body and intimate parts will come to mind when they get naked in front of the other person. The renewed/reformulated 2Seduce collection wants women to feel and be confident about themselves and not worry about how they look, smell, or taste. 

A common insecurity many women have, especially women who gave birth or are above 40 years old, is that their vagina is not like how it was when they were younger; 2Seduce Tightening Gel is a great gel to re-shape the vagina by hydrating and nourishing this sensitive area of her body. Another common insecurity women of all ages have is that their vagina does not taste or smell nice; 2Seduce Strawberry Oral Gel is her ideal partner to feel tasty again and seduce her partner with a sensual smell and taste of strawberries.

Feeling far from aroused is probably the most common issue many women experience, especially women in their menopause, and sometimes caused by their own insecurities; the tingling, warm and sensual feeling 2Seduce Sensual Cream gives their vaginas will help them to get in their arousal phase fast.