The Romello chastity belt – New in Lola Games’ Party Hard collection

Hygiene, functionality and safety are three important components that the creators relied on when designing the Romello chastity belt from the Lola Games’ Party Hard collection, which makes it possible to gain total control over the sexual contacts of a partner.

Positive emotions during the use of a silicone chastity belt are that the man is sexually aroused, but cannot satisfy his desire with masturbation or sexual intercourse, since the belt is locked with a metal lock. The user has to accumulate his sexual energy, getting a kind of pleasure from it. In addition, when he begins to have an erection, the penis, resting against the silicone walls of the device, is in a state of artificial stimulation. Of course, this brings additional pleasure and excitement. And from the physiological point of view, the process of forced abstinence causes men to have a much more intense and vivid orgasm during subsequent sexual intercourse. Otherwise, the belt does not affect the way of living of the user, it can be worn even during flights and it will remain invisible when passing the metal detector frame at the airport, as spare plastic locks are included. The belt is suitable for long-term wear, has a functional hole in the center, as well as ventilated holes on the sides. The belt is adjustable in girth at the base and will fit any size.

The Romello chastity belt is presented in three colors: wine, black and emerald.