Orgie products presents products for the cold season

Orgie, a company of sensual cosmetics with Brazilian roots and soul based in Portugal where all its products are manufactured has prepared four products that will warm the relationship of those who want to dare to hot’an’roll on these cold days:

Greek Kiss: A delicious stimulant for Greek Kiss practice.With mint aroma and flavor, and a slight heating effect. It increases the excitement of the moment turning the love making even more special.

Orgasm Drops Kissable: Delicious kissable gel with exciting drops that sensitize the clitoris and delivers tingling and mild warming sensations intensifying the orgasm.

Lube Tube Hemp Seed Oil is a lubricating and exciting gel that enhances the pleasure, comfort and intimacy between you and your partner. Its formula contains hemp seed oil promoting even more pleasure and excitement. is Lube Tube Hemp is not greasy, odorless, moisturizes and regenerates the skin.

Intense Orgasm Hemp Seed Oil: It is a stimulating gel with hemp seed oil that promotes an electrifying vibrating effect with a slight heating in the intimate areas. It enhances intimacy and pleasure for him and her.