‘This one’s for you’ – pjur WOMAN Selection launches for holiday season

Winter 2021 is going to be hot as pjur launches its attractive pjur WOMAN Selection set. The Selection includes three best-selling personal lubricants from the WOMAN range – making it an ideal starter set or perfect gift for any occasion. The entertaining, eye-catching design really stands out in store shelving, enticing customers to pick up and purchase the set.

“The pjur WOMAN Selection is aimed at women who want to treat themselves and also at men and women who want to treat someone else. The engaging claim ‘This one’s for you’ is targeted at everyone. It’s the perfect gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries,” explains Michael Bart, Head of Global and Online Marketing at pjur.

Attractive, seductive packaging: A fun, emotional, impressive, clear and eye-catching design with the claim ‘This one’s for you’ that invites customers to pick up the set and buy it. For yourself or for those to whom you would like to give the high-quality ‘pjur WOMAN Selection’. Because, it’s about you, your feelings and experiences, which are improved by the high-quality pjur lubricants. This set is for everyone who wants to treat themself and also for those who want to treat someone else.

Generating additional revenue: The pjur WOMAN Selection contains three best-selling water and silicone-based formulas in one set: pjur WOMAN, pjur WOMAN Nude and pjur WOMAN Aloe. Retailers can easily leverage cross- selling opportunities: They are the perfect products to successfully start with and to reach new target groups. The three products open up more potential areas of use for customers. Containing two water-based personal lubricants also makes it a perfect add-on for a toy sale. In addition to this, the WOMAN Selection enables you to place a psychological price anchor in your shelves. Customers who have purchased or been given the set and who love the products will come back and buy the larger bottles.

pjur WOMAN products aim to inspire: pjur wants to empower women to make space for their needs and wishes. Exploring your own desires and prioritising your own pleasure through masturbation, massages, foreplay or different sex positions, for example, is one way to attain a more fulfilled sex life. If you know what you like, what turns you on or what feels good for you, you can actively use this and take on more respon- sibility for your own pleasure. Personal lubricant helps increase moisture levels in the intimate area and can relieve the symptoms of dryness. Everyone should feel confident to use the personal lub- ricant that matches their individual love life.

The pjur WOMAN Selection at a glance:

  • –  Attractive gift packaging
  • –  Outstanding colours make a difference in shop shelves
  • –  Seductive claim “This one’s for you”
  • –  3 x 30 ml best-selling pjur WOMAN products
  • –  Premium pjur formulas developed specifically for sensitive skin
  • –  pjur WOMAN (30 ml) is a premium silicone-based personal lubricant, offering extremely long-lasting lubrication and leaves skin feeling silky smooth. It does not contain perfume or preserv-atives and is suitable for erotic massages.
  • –  pjur WOMAN Nude (30 ml) is a water-based personal lubricant, free from preservatives,parabens and glycerin. It is compatible with all erotic toys.
  • –  pjur® WOMAN Aloe (30 ml) is a water-based personal lubricant with nourishing aloe vera. Itincreases lubrication and ensures all-round pleasurable sensations with moisturising aloe vera. It is adjusted to the natural pH value and does not contain parabens or paraffins. Compatible with all erotic toys.
  • –  RRP: EUR 19.90
  • –  Available from November 2021