Tom Taylor X Prowler Room Aroma – Now available exclusive at Prowler

Talented illustrator Tom Taylor, whose T-shirts, mugs and stationery have become go-to gifts, has now expanded his range of products with his own Tom Taylor X Prowler Room Aroma. Tom has collaborated with Prowler to produce his new Room Aroma, which is sure to fly off the shelves. In his trademark fun and colourful style, the design of the bottle is unique and adds a lighthearted feel to the experience. Tom explains: “I wanted the design to be non-threatening, open, playful and fun.” In keeping with Tom’s style and philosophy of not taking life too seriously, the neon pink and yellow bottles feature a typical dadbod, so as not to be too daunting for new users. “The illustration shows a man with a bit of a belly, a tattoo… it’s all about body positivity and having fun!” Tom adds. “What Jean-Paul Gaultier did for Diet Coke, I hope to achieve with Tom Taylor X Prowler Room Aroma. Not only is it a functional product, but the bottle makes a cool keepsake,” explains Tom. Tom Taylor’s illustrations are a hot favourite and his funky and bright designs are available on T-shirts, mugs and stationery. “What I find exciting thing about this new collaboration with Prowler,” Tom says, “is that it opens up the door to a new range of products hopefully in the near future.”