Tonga added nine new products to Vibes of Love collection by Dream Toys

Nine bright fuchsia coloured toys were recently added to the Vibes of Love collection by Dream Toys. Most have a pretty quirky design and particular functions. They aim to attract the attention of customers with experience, looking for specific functions. These new love toys are available in the Tonga web shop now.

Each of these Vibes of Love toys is waterproof at IPX7 level, comes with a magnetic USB charger and has a noise level of less than 40 decibel. Tonga has also designed new packages for the new and existing Dream Toys products. The goal was to give new and existing toys a similar look, matching with the new toy designs. All new packages got a fresh new look, more stylish and modern.

The following products are part of the Vibes of Love collection: Pleasure Snail, Remote Panty G, Remote Double Dipper, Fluttering Tulip, Charming Sunflower, Love Finger, Wheel of Fortune, Honey Dip and Cocky Rabbit.

The Pleasure Snail is a product for clitoral and labia stimulation. The three main tongues and the smaller surrounding ticklers offer a flickering sensation. With its ergonomic shape it fits most women’s vulva, to give stimulation to the female pleasure spots with nine different vibration patterns.

Discretely tucked away in the panty, the Remote Panty G secretly gives the user a stimulation of the G-spot that can be reached thanks to the ergonomic shape, and a clitoral stimulation at the same time. The G-spot stimulator comes with a wireless remote controller with a 10 meter reach. During the 20 minute stand-by time, the device can be reactivated by the one who holds the remote.

The Double Dipper is ergonomically shaped and flexible: the short end can move in a 120 degree angle. It can be used as a vaginal vibrator with clitoris stimulator and as a strapless strap-on. Users may enjoy a dual stimulation thanks to the flexible shape, which ensures that the 9 different vibration patterns can be felt in the vagina and clitoris.

The tulip shape of the Fluttering Tulip makes it stand out from the rest. The four soft petals can be operated separately and are designed to stimulate the clitoris with their fluttering movements. The opposite end of the Fluttering Tulip has a rounded shape and can vibrate as well, giving different sensations. The two motors can be operated individually.

The Charming Sunflower can provide 9 different vibration patterns. With its ergonomic shape, it will fit most women’s vulva, to give stimulation to the clitoris. In the centre of the top there are 6 lips and dozens of smaller, surrounding ticklers, for a flickering sensation. The different vibration patterns are each indicated by their own colour of light on the Charming Sunflower.

Suitable for couples and solo play the Love Finger extends the length of the users finger with 5 cm, slightly curved to reach all the special spots and transferring the 9 different patterns of vibration to all the hot spots that are touched.

The Wheel of Fortune clit stimulator has a spinning wheel that mimics oral stimulation, like little tongues licking the clitoris. The 3 levels of steady vibration, 6 different rhythms and 9 patterns of rotation can be operated with just 2 buttons. The rounded end of the toy vibrates as well, so it can also be used for stimulation, giving different sensations. The flexible narrower part in the middle makes the stimulator ergonomic and pleasant to use.

The Honey Dip vibrator has a rather large flexible clitoris stimulator and a smooth shaft. To make things easy and convenient the Honey Dip has a distinguished indicator light for each vibration rhythm. Users can recognize their favourite function by the light that can shine in 9 different colours, matching the 9 different vibration functions.

The Cocky Rabbit is a realistic penis shaped vibrator with bunny ears stimulator offers three levels of steady vibrations and six different rhythms. Motions in the rabbit can be operated separately from the motions in the shaft.

The Remote Double Dipper can be operated with the wireless remote controller or with a button on the vibrator. It will stay in stand-by mode for 20 minutes, during which it can be reactivated with the remote control.