Tonga extends Dream Toys collections

After the success of the Dream Toys collections that were added in 2019, such as the Goddess Collection, the Midnight Magic range and the Royal Fantasies toys, Tonga created three more new Dream Toys labels.

One of them is the Prestige collection. This range consists of a vibrator, a duo vibrator, a wand and a stimulator that will attract customers with their stylish appearance of black silicone with a gem as a button. The strass around the buttons adds bling and luxury to the high quality toys that have strong motors and seven vibration patterns in three speeds. Their packaging shows a marble background and gold print, in line with the chique looks of the toys.

The second new label is the Elite collection, featuring seven toys among which are a duo vibrator and wand, a panty vibrator and a vibrating penis ring. The Elite collection is black with gold accents, with subtle gold coloured rings around the buttons.

The third new range is made in aqua blue silicone and is named Aquatic. This collection includes four toys: a stimulator, a lay-on vibrator, a vibrating ring and a vibrator, equipped with stylish rose gold coloured buttons and matching packaging with rose gold print.

Two of the existing collections get new additions. In the popular Goddess Collection Tonga added two new toys, one of them a versatile vibrator with rotating beads that is suitable for vaginal, anal and clitoral use, the other one a vibrator with a pulsating waves function. In the Royal Fantasies collection the new toys are a wand stimulator and a vibrator with an illumination and warming function.