Trendy Underwear for Men: The New Collection from Svenjoyment

‘Svenjoyment’ is the label for attractive male underwear that is made out of fashionable material. The underwear’s sophisticated designs and functions emphasise ‘a man’s best parts’ – attractive, sporty and extravagant. The high-quality material fits like a second skin and the advantageous fit puts his masculinity in the limelight in a provocative way. Svenjoyment offers a lot of designs for many different situations and fun occasions. The underwear also stands out because of its high-quality at an affordable price.

A new collection of the trendy lifestyle underwear for men is now available from ORION Wholesale. The collection has 13 new items including stylish pants and strings with various functions, extravagant shirts, a versatile playsuit and a suspender belt. All the items are available in the sizes S to XL. Some items are also available up to size 2XL.

The items are delivered in environmentally-friendly, promotional packaging that has pictures of the product on it and a description of the product in various languages on it as well.