Two new pleasure products from Shunga

Until the end of 2016, Shunga Erotic Art will change products and revamp some categories to actualize its look. Starting at ANME in Los Angeles, Shunga will present two new products, Dragon Sensitive cream and the Lotus Noir. They will officially be presented in L.A. and will be ready for order placing as well. Shunga’s team has been working the last few months on a lot of new projects, with the goal of presenting them at ANME and eroFame.

Dragon Sensitive cream is a softer version of the original Dragon cream. It’s made for couples who seek a milder “fire and ice” sensation. It will come in a white bottle and its own high-quality printed colored box. Included, is the new “how to use” pamphlet.

The Lotus Noir will be launched at the same time. “This sensitizing gel for couples was sold only in the Garden of Edo collection kit and a lot of retailers were getting demands only for the Lotus Noir gel. So we are selling it separately now” says Guy Roussy, General Manager. Lotus Noir is an external gel designed to intensify booth female and male orgasms.  It acts as a stimulant and enhances sensations. It has its own box with a Shunga drawing on it. In fact, it’s the drawing of the Organica collection because of its 100% certified organic ingredients. “That’s one of the differences between Lotus Noir and Dragon cream. They are both for couples but Lotus Noir has 100% certified organic ingredients” says Manon Vallée Cofounder and Vice-President of Eau Zone Ltd. “Dragon offers a hot and cold effect, but with Lotus Noir you will feel a coolness only”.