Velvor Be Steady Be Open Creme

Velv’Or’s Anal Relax and Penis Delay now available in the Manhood collection

Velv’Or’s AID collection now also holds products from the MANHOOD collection, the Anal Relax and the Penis Delay.  Jelle – the founder of Velv’Or – created AID BeOpen to enrich the pleasure of anal intercourse. The unique formula of this water based lube slightly numbs the top layer of skin, making it less sensitive and more relaxed to receive.

BeOpen is also a lube for foreplay penis massage; it makes the skin less sensitive to perform longer and can delay the orgasm. Jelle advises to apply the lubricant to the anus some minutes before intercourse so the body can absorb it. The same counts for the penis.

Velv’Or AID BeSteady is created to delay the ejaculation. According to the company, about 30% of all men in the age range of 18 to 58 suffer from premature ejaculation. With this special liquid men could be able to hold on longer so they can give their partners as well as themselves more time. After a quick firm shake of the champagne colored liquid, spray 2 to 5 times on the penis – Jelle advises to spray on the underside of the penis and on the head.

When used before oral pleasure Jelle also advises to let the liquid absorb into the skin, dried by air for a few minutes and then be washed away with the MANHOOD Penis Cleaner ensuring the partner will not get a numb feeling in the mouth. The Penis Delay Spray comes in a 12ml bottle.