Velv’Or releases the new JBoa

Velv’Or has released the new JBoa penisring. The new JBoa still comes in his iconic cigar tube, but is now surrounded by a stylish cigarette box. And off course it give many Brick and Mortar stores the option to sell this beloved product without being afraid it will be stolen. The new JBoa is currently available at Velv’Or as well as the distributors they are working with. It has a suggested retail price of €29. For more information please contact

The company’s owner Jelle Plantenga wants to ask all Gentlemen on our Globe “How they enter their bedroom?”. Jelle is asking this because he believes way to many Gentlemen never ever thought about using a Lasso like the JBoa. They unfortunately do not have a clue what this small constricting device will offer them. To get them convinced to try the JBoa it´s off course important to educate these Gentlemen. Luckily they only have to follow three simple steps:

  1. Get erect
  2. Slide the JBoa over the shaft of the penis
  3. Pull the silicone cords when the JBoa is on the base of the penis