Vivre – enjoying the finer things in life

The new toy line from Dream Toys is called Vivre, a French word that means ‘to live’. The 4 new toys with a soft pink colour have pink metallic accents and a chic classy appearance. The Vivre range is meant for young women and their partners who appreciate the finer things in life, who like pastel colours instead of loud flashy colours, women and men with a sophisticated lifestyle who prefer quality over quantity. The Vivre range includes a duo vibrator, a panty vibrator with a wireless remote control, a wand massager and a ring vibrator. All Vivre toys are made of soft silicone and ABS, and they offer 7 vibration rhythms and 3 speeds. For ease of use they’re all waterproof and USB-rechargeable. Vivre toys come in a classy light green packaging with rose gold shiny details, showing large clear images of the toys. Each box has icons on the side panels that show the functions. On the backside of the boxes, as usual with Dream Toys products, there’s a product description in 7 languages. Tonga expects the Vivre range to be in stock by mid-March.