Whipsmart glows in blue

The new Whipsmart bondage range offers all the popular BDSM items like a silicone ball gag, cuffs, a paddle and a flogger. There’s also a collar & leash, a hogtie with cuffs and an under-the-bed restraint set in this new Whipsmart product line. What stands out most about these products is that they glow blue in the dark! In daylight the products are black and white, but in the dark the gorgeous blue shines bright. You’ll see the blue glow on the cuffs’ padding, on the silicone ball, at the edges of the hogtie, the entire grip and strings of the flogger, at the edges of the paddle, everywhere! The boxes show a model wearing the products in the dark, so it will be immediately clear for customers that these are glow in the dark products and what’s in the box.

The products will arrive at Tonga in March.