Wicked Sensual Care debuts two new lubricants for anal play

Wicked Sensual Care is debuting Jelle Chill and Jelle Heat this month. The temperature play products have been created from the base of their Jelle formula.

“We are very pleased to announce the newest addition to our acclaimed line of personal lubricants,” said Cassie Pendleton, marketing director. “Jelle Chill and Jelle Heat use all natural ingredients to bring exciting and thrilling sensations that feel cool and warm, respectively. These additions offer another dimension to your intimate moments with a super slick water-based formula which adds greater pleasure and superior glide for extended anal play.”

Jelle Chill provides a cooling and tingling sensation that arouses and excites without desensitizing ingredients found elsewhere in order to ensure safety, sensation and pleasure. With Menthyl Lactate as the cooling agent, Jelle Chill provides fewer sensitivities than other products that use regular menthol.

Similar to Jelle Chill, Jelle Heat also arouses and excites but with a warming sensation. With Cinnamon and red clover as the warming agents, Jelle Chill offers users a natural alternative to other warming ingredients that may irritate or cause discomfort.

“By developing Jelle Chill and Jelle Heat, Wicked Sensual Care is adding two unique items to our awarded product line,” said Steve Orenstein, Wicked Sensual Care owner and president. “For the first time, our customers will get to experience high-quality warming and cooling lubricants that are vegan, made from clean ingredients and free of synthetic preservatives.”

Jelle Chill and Jelle Heat are long lasting, water-based and provide the same thickness as regular jelle. It spreads easily, coats without dripping and is easy to clean up as well as safe for all toys and play. Both jelles are latex friendly, glycerin free, paraben free and are heavily aloe-based to allow for healing for any micro tears often associated with anal play.

Jelle Chill and Jelle Heat are available in 4 ounce tubes and in 12-count cases for wholesale purchase at $7.99 per unit.