Michael Lenke at eroFame 2014 with his wive

womanizer “handsfree” to be presented at eroFame 2016

The new womanizer “handsfree“ woks with the proven “pleasure air technology“, which is familiar to the users of the previous womanizer products. The device includes a remote control, that opens up new possibilities especially for couples play. epi24 GmbH, the manufacturer of the womanizer, describes the product as follows: „The woman is able to fully concentrate on her orgasm without having to use her hands.” The womanizer “handsfree“ is 100% waterproof. A lithium ion battery provides power for 120 minutes per battery charge.

“As was the womanizer W100 and W500, the womanizer hands free will conquer the market as large preorders our distributors suggest,” noted the company.

(Photo: Archive Picture eroFame 2014)