Womanizer is launching ‘Wave’ – the first ever showerhead made specifically for masturbation

Womanizer has announced the launch of the world’s first showerhead created specifically for masturbation, in collaboration with premium bathroom products manufacturer hansgrohe. The revolutionary Pleasure Air Technology inventor is breaking the taboo of conversations around masturbation by introducing it into everyday objects, one showerhead at a time

With jet settings created for the most pleasurable sensations via the natural element of water, Womanizer Wave allows vulva owners to now masturbate in their shower with a showerhead created exactly for this purpose. Based on Womanizer’s immeasurable experience in the industry and through extensive market research, the brand realized that a unique product is missing in the market that many vulva owners are already using to pleasure themselves – a masturbating showerhead.

Yet, it seems so obvious as many women around the world gain their first masturbation experience in the shower. In the UK, 61% of women have already masturbated in the shower or bathtub, and as many as 40% remember that the first time was before they turned 18 (The nationally representative survey was conducted with Lucid/Cint in April 2023 with 14,597 participants from 11 countries – Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA). What’s more, nearly two in five women (39%) are masturbating in the shower at least once a month. With the Wave showerhead, Womanizer has taken something that is so natural for many vulva-owners to the next level.

Two German pioneers of its industries joint hands

Combining hansgrohe’s years of experience in sleek, precision engineering with Womanizer’s pioneering innovation, Womanizer Wave is the obvious step forward for both pleasure and home living. The project took over three years to complete, spanning nine research projects, 60 interviews, 100 samples tested, 4,000 responses to questionnaires, and two prototype iterations. The team had to understand what a masturbation showerhead should look like and which shower head set-up people have in their homes in different countries to perfect Womanizer Wave.

Compared to a normal showerhead, the User Research Team survey reveals that Wave’s stimulation is 94% more pleasant, 88% more arousing and 86% more suitable for masturbation.

Elisabeth Neumann, Head of User Research of Womanizer and Sexologist says: “Womanizer Wave represents a significant step forward in the destigmatization of masturbation, as it normalizes and incorporates this healthy sexual practice into our daily lives. By leveraging the power of water, anyone can now enjoy a fully immersive and satisfying self-pleasure experience in the privacy of their own shower. The collaboration between Womanizer and hansgrohe showcases the potential for innovative thinking and creative solutions in the field of sexual wellness “

Optimized for showers and masturbation

The three patented pleasure jet types have been created for dual purposes – for stimulation and use in showers. Among these,PleasureJet is known for its constant, rhythmic stimulations, while PleasureWhirl is appreciated for its stimulating and surprising movements. Meanwhile, the 2-in-1 Wave can also be used for a normal shower experience; PowderRain has become hansgrohe’s most popular jet, offering a gentle and calming showering experience. Users can conveniently adjust the intensity using a slider element, while easily changing between the jet settings by briefly pressing the switch – all with one hand.Womanizer Wave’s EcoSmart technology allows for a 60% reduction in water consumption compared to traditional products, without compromising on comfort.

Michelle Uhl, Innovation Designer of the Hansgrohe InnoLab states, “Showering has always been a sensual experience. Nudity and sexuality are something natural in the bathroom. And stimulation with water has also taken place before our tests. So, for us, the joint development of the Womanizer Wave just made perfect sense. We combine our two fields of expertise in the high-quality shower and pleasure products in the most perfect way: In its origin, Wave is one of the most resource-efficient hansgrohe hand showers with additional functions for self-love and me-time. On top of that, Wave takes stimulation with water to a new level of sensation.”