World novelty womanizer now in a new tattoo design

It is a sensation: the womanizer is uncomplicated, easy to use and makes women´s dreams come true – and it looks great as well! Up until now the revolutionary women´s favourite has been available in five different colours and two Swarovski editions. However, now there is a special edition womanizer in a tattoo design for everyone who likes it a bit wilder! The new edition with a decorative tattoo and a black handle is even quieter therefore, making pure private pleasure possible. The womanizer is an innovative product in the whole of the erotic pleasure-givers range because it provides (multiple) orgasms without touching the clitoris! The principle is extremely simple: the sucking of the clitoris, and the stimulation from precisely controlled pulsating pressure waves, trigger the orgasm. It is not only the long wait for the climax that is now in the past but also the overstimulation of the clitoris that went with it because what isn’t touched can´t be overstimulated. You can find more information at