WUG Functional Gums – Available exclusively at Dreamlove

The WUG Gums are a bestseller with many units sold. The ERECT gum contains 50 mg of Maca, a plant used by the Aztecs as a natural aphrodisiac, which increases sexual appetite and improves erection due to its high concentration of arginine. It also contains zinc, which contributes to maintaining normal testosterone levels, vitamin B6 to reduce tiredness and fatigue, Angelica Sinensis, and Selenium. The CUM gum also contains Maca, Angelica Sinensis, Selenium, vitamin B6 but has its main focus on zinc. Each box contains 10 units of 24 grams. To achieve the desired effects, it is recommended to chew one gum 10 minutes before sexual intercourse – by chewing, the active ingredients are absorbed through the oral mucosa, achieving an instant effect. WUG  has perfected the formulas to offer a delicious gum, made with high-quality ingredients, gluten-free, lactose-free, suitable for vegans, and without added sugar.