XR Brands debuts ‘Lickgasm Mini’

XR Brands is proud to debut the Lickgasm Mini 10X Silicone Licking and Sucking Stimulator from Shegasm, a compact version of the brand’s popular Lickgasm 8X Licking and Sucking Vibrator. The Lickgasm Mini is a powerful multifaceted vibrator designed to lick, pump, and vibrate, giving users unparalleled oral sex simulation in a portable and lightweight shape.

The USB-rechargeable Lickgasm Mini comes with 2 different sized cups designed to fit around either the clitoris or a nipple. The clear cup has a smooth, silicone ring that maintains the seal and pressure as the device automatically suctions. The toy also has a licking, flicking tongue and vibrates with scintillating 10 modes of licking and vibration to choose from! 

Constructed with premium phthalate-free, latex-free silicone, the Lickgasm Mini comes complete with a USB charging cable, two cups, and a silicone ring that creates a tight seal to heighten sensitivity for maximum pleasure.

“The success of the original Lickgasm made expanding the line an easy choice,” XR Brands President Rebecca Weinberg said. “Shegasm products are ideal for shoppers who have moved beyond the basics and are looking for something new and different. The Lickgasm Mini 10X Silicone Licking and Sucking Stimulator stands out in a competitive market and delivers big pleasure in a petite package. We expect the Lickgasm Mini to make a big impression.”

The Lickgasm Mini 10X Licking and Sucking Stimulator is black with bright pink accents and comes in a distinctive box adorned with the image of the product, plus illustrations demonstrating ways it can be used. Lickgasm Mini packaging is suitable for shelf or slatwall displays.