XR Brands debuts new all-in-one Restraint Sets & Body Harnesses made of vegan leather

XR Brands is thrilled to debut three sexy vegan leather restraint sets and full-body harnesses from two of its most popular brands: Master Series and Bedroom Bliss. XR Brands is now shipping these fully packaged, beautifully merchandised restraint and bondage tools to retailers worldwide.

From the multi-award-winning Master Series line comes two full-body restraint options:

The Tied Temptress Thigh Harness with Hog Tie Connector includes everything partners could possibly need to explore an array of devious and kinky positions while restrained. Put your wrists and ankles together using the hogtie connectors and enjoy being bound on your belly, back, with your booty up in the air, or your legs up over your head! It gives the wearer little freedom to move but lots of freedom to explore their submissive side.

This black, vegan leather set includes 1 belt, 2 thigh cuffs, 2 wrist cuffs, 2 ankle cuffs, 2 garters, 1 hog tie connector, and 2 cuff connectors. Each strap is fully adjustable using gold-colored, nickel-free buckle closures and can adjust from 30-40 inches around the waist, up to 25 inches around each thigh, 9.75 inches around each wrist, and 11.75 inches around each ankle. The 2 garters adjust up to 15.75 inches (including the clips) and the 2 cuff connectors, including the clips, measure 7.5 inches in length. The hog tie measures 13.25 inches by 13.25 inches.

The Harness with Restraints is a black vegan leather harness adorned with gold-colored nickel-free metal that is completely adjustable and accentuates the body’s curves. It leaves the chest exposed and is crotchless so it can stay on when things get hot. Wear it nude or over your favorite lingerie or bodysuit, or get creative with sexy ensembles that can be worn on a night out!

This set includes 1 full-body harness, 2 wrist cuffs, and 2 cuff connecters that allow the wearer to be cuffed to their partner. Each strap is fully adjustable using golden-colored, nickel-free buckle closures that can adjust up to 44 inches in circumference around the chest, 45 inches around the waist, 31 inches around each thigh, and 9.75 inches around each wrist. Each cuff connector (including the clips) measures 7.5 inches in length.

From Bedroom Bliss comes the Lover’s Restraints Set in black or red colors. This set includes wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, a collar with braided leash, and 2 cuff connectors. The cuffs and collar feature easy-to-use adjustable buckles for a comfortable, snug fit. All metal is nickel-free for sensitive skin and has a gorgeous, golden color that stands out against the black vegan leather. Each of the straps has a D-ring with connectors that can be used to attach the wrists and ankles together or connect other bondage gear to it.