XR Brands introduces ‘Heavy Hitters’

XR Brands is proud to present their latest anal pleasure innovation, Heavy Hitters Weighted Anal Plugs – a unique line of anal plugs equipped with an elongated neck, weighted cores, and multiple widths to choose from. Made with premium silicone, Heavy Hitters are comfortably flexible and make it easy for users to find their perfect fit and test their limits. 

Heavy Hitters plugs feature an especially slim neck and base for a secure and easy fit with a weighted metal core for a pleasantly filled-up feeling. What makes Heavy Hitters special is that each plug is available in four different bulb widths, each with a different weight: Small, 1.2 inches at 3.3 ounces; Medium, 1.5 inches at 5.8 ounces; Large, 1.8 inches at 9.2 ounces;  and Extra-Large, 2 inches at 13.4 ounces, allowing users to find the perfect size for their butt while exploring how much of an upgrade they can take.

“Heavy Hitters represents yet another step forward for anal stimulation products that use gravity and the power of weight to provide pleasure,” XR Brands President Rebecca Weinberg said. “We know that today’s savvy adult shoppers want more than one-size-fits-all toys; they want customized pleasure that doesn’t always rely on vibration, and Heavy Hitters offers just that. Heavy Hitters is available in a range of sizes to choose from and each is constructed using smooth silicone on the exterior and satisfyingly weighted bulbs on the inside, and we expect these plugs to make a big impression.”

Heavy Hitters plugs measure 6 inches in total length with 5.3 insertable inches, a neck length of 1.8 inches, a base length of 4.3 inches, and a bulb length of 3.5 inches. Heavy Hitters are packaged in blue boxes with black and white accents and a true-to-size image of the plug inside – perfect for in-store shelf appeal.