XR Brands introduces innovative & discreet shower enema sets from CleanStream

XR Brands has expanded their top-selling CleanStream line of enema tools and accessories with innovative and discreet shower enema sets. Already unrivaled among intimate care products, CleanStream’s newest additions feature upgraded designs that offer users exceptional anal care that makes it easy to feel confident and prepared for anal play.

The newest CleanStream offerings include two new shower hose compatible enema accessories. The Shower Head with Silicone Enema Nozzle allows users to store enema tools in plain sight, with the textured silicone nozzle hidden away in the base of the shower head. This combination shower head/enema nozzle is perfect for those who need convenient access to their enema equipment but need to keep it hidden. The shower head itself is built with five different shower settings for a range of textures while the silicone nozzle features five spray holes for an effective clean. This kit includes one gasket for a secure fit on most shower systems.

With the Discreet Silicone Shower Enema Set, users can clean with ease without complicated assembly and disassembly between sessions. Built for those who want a system that melds with their daily life while staying available for on-demand use when needed, the included shower head provides all the benefits of a normal shower, and the silicone enema nozzle can be hidden within so users can enema any time with a simple twist of the wrist. The Discreet Silicone Shower Enema Set has everything needed to convert a shower into a personal enema: a shower head holder, hose and valve housing, valve regulator, gaskets, silicone enema nozzle, and 5-setting shower head. The metal hose is lightweight, flexible, and pinch-free while the silicone enema nozzle is soft and flexible with five holes. This Enema Set is compatible with most shower systems and installs without the need for tools.

“The CleanStream line is like nothing else on the market and has remained a go-to brand for adult stores worldwide,” XR Brands President Rebecca Weinberg said. “More people than ever are exploring anal play and they want to feel clean and confident when they do. Too often, anal hygiene products feel overly medical or like an afterthought, and these new additions offer versatility and convenience along with reliable construction. We are excited to offer thoughtfully designed products made with quality materials that will give consumers an elevated anal experience.”